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What to do if silk fabric shrinks


Soak polyester fleece fabric the clothes in hot water a […]

Soak polyester fleece fabric the clothes in hot water again. The water temperature should be a little hot, and the heat will expand and contract! Use hot water to stretch the fibers first! Soak for about 10 minutes. Pick up the clothes, don't twist them. The clothes just picked up can feel a little bit longer because they are just flush with the inner lining.


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Then you can pull them down hard. Flexible fabrics can be operated in this way, including Cotton clothes! The clothes will still bounce back when you pull it, it doesn't matter, pull it hard, all you need is to lengthen his side, the longer the better.Take off the clothes you just pulled from the hanger and hang them upside down! Hang the skirt on the hanger from bottom to top, just use a few clips to clamp the skirt on the hanger!


Hang it in the bathroom and wait for her to do it by herself, because she is afraid that the fiber will shrink quickly if it gets dry at once.Before the silk fabric can be washed to prevent shrinkage, soak it in water for about 10 minutes. The soaking time should not be too long. Avoid washing with alkaline water, and use neutral soap or soap flakes or neutral detergent. The bath liquid should be lukewarm or room temperature. After washing, gently squeeze the water and never twist it. It should be dried in a cool and ventilated place, not in the sun, let alone drying.

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