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Printed fabrics become the new favorite of the fabric sofa market


This summer's embossing velvet fabric fabrics and style […]

This summer's embossing velvet fabric fabrics and styles make people shine. Many sofas boldly use pink, and from the color to the theme, it highlights the lively home atmosphere. Pink is like a blooming peach blossom, symbolizing gentleness and virtuousness, giving people a sense of tranquility and purity, and is deeply loved by the majority of home textile companies. With the continuous improvement of fabric production and processing technology, pink printed cloth has gradually expanded its application range and has been widely used to make comfortable and soft sofa art. Sofa fabrics play a vital role in the manufacturing process of sofa products, accounting for about  of the overall manufacturing cost of fabric sofas, and can be said to be one of the important raw materials for sofa production.

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At present, the main production of sofa fabrics is concentrated in Zhejiang. The grade of the fabric mainly depends on the main components of the fabric, such as high-end silk and the most basic chemical fiber products, their prices are several times or even dozens of times different. The price performance of sofas in the market is mainly affected by the fabrics used. This year, among some new technologies in the fabric industry, the most popular one is digital printing. This technology is controlled by a computer to achieve large patterns in fabrics. With richer colors and higher pattern definition, it is currently a more popular and high-end new technology product, but at the same time, the production cycle of such products is longer, and the price is twice that of traditional products.The product is positioned mainly in the high-end, including some pure imported fabrics.


Compared with other raw materials, the country has relatively strict monitoring and management of fabrics, and has a series of corresponding testing standards, including the dyeing process of the fabrics, to the performance of the finished products. , Including indicators such as fuzzing and pilling of the fabric. "In fact, fabric fabrics will also use some chemical raw materials in the coloring process, which will involve the detection of indicators such as formaldehyde. At present, the government has strict requirements on environmental protection indicators for finished fabrics and even sofas, which will play a better role in promoting the promotion of home furnishing manufacturers and our raw and auxiliary material suppliers.


For the current market, as a supplier of the home furnishing industry, Locke is also facing the same dilemma this year, affected by real estate, home sales and other factors. However, sofa fabrics cannot be used universally with fabric fabrics such as mattresses and curtains. Restricted by the scale and development of sofa enterprises. In such an environment, fabric companies must also consider horizontal development, such as expanding the home improvement and soft decoration market, and opening up new markets by establishing designer channels. The company will continue to participate in major domestic home furnishing exhibitions, "We hope to showcase some high-end products of brands through the exhibition, such as the aforementioned digital printing fabrics as well as some original imported silk fabrics, and plan to open a store in the Art Exhibition Center. , I hope to expand the market to the soft furnishing field.

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