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What material is good for fabric sofa fabric


Fabric upholstery fabric for sofa sofas have become mor […]

Fabric upholstery fabric for sofa sofas have become more and more popular in recent years. Beautiful pattern design and comfort have made fabric sofas the leader in fashionable sofas. It is favored by countless young friends for its fashionable styles and affordable prices. So what fabrics does the fabric sofa have? What are the characteristics? The super delicate, super gentle touch is the deepest impression left by the flannel sofa, and it feels like the fur of a small animal. With a gentle stroke, you will be obsessed with the gentleness he brings to you. From the corduroy of the past to the suede of the present, the flannel sofa changes its identity in vulgarity and elegance. Compared with other fabrics, flannel sofas are expensive, and the best flannel is 500 yuan/meter.


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Flannel sofa is suitable for families with modern minimalist style and simple European style. Try to feel light, soft and smooth, with uniform color, good gloss and strong overall feeling. The velvet of the flannel sofa is divided into long and short velvet in length. If it is a long-fleece flannel, you can touch it back and forth when you buy it, preferably without obvious discoloration or whitening; while the short-fleece flannel mainly depends on its density and thickness. The denser the fleece, the thicker the cloth, the better. The fabric sofa made of pure cotton is soft, breathable, natural and environmentally friendly, and is very close to the skin. It is currently the model with the widest market share.


The pastoral style is most used in pure cotton sofas. Generally, players should feel delicate, soft and thick, with natural colors and uniform colors. Pull out the thread ends of the fabric and burn it with fire. It will turn into ashes and the quality is better without burning smell. Hand wash or machine wash is acceptable, and ironing is essential after drying. In order to avoid shrinkage, it is best to send it to a professional washing shop for dry cleaning, which can effectively reduce the risk of shrinkage and deformation. Under normal circumstances, vacuum once every two months. Sofas combined with leather and cloth are still very popular in the market. In the backrest armrests and other places that are easy to be dirty but not easy to remove and wash, they are made of leather, while other places that are in close contact with the human body and easy to remove and wash are made of cloth, and the leather cloth is of the same color.


Now the latest leather cloth and sofa fabric are made of nano materials, which is more convenient to clean. It is understood that there is also a sofa that looks like leather but is actually fabric, such as the red new leather flannel sofa and the wheat high fiber cloth sofa. The most fascinating thing about the linen sofa is its good thermal conductivity. Even in the hot summer days, don’t worry about sweating and slimy. And the texture of the linen sofa is close but soft, soft and hard, with a simple and natural temperament. It is more wear-resistant, not easy to crease, does not fade, does not ball, does not generate static electricity, and does not mold in humid place.

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