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What is the difference between velvet and golden velvet


Goose embossing velvet fabric down is a kind of velvet […]

Goose embossing velvet fabric down is a kind of velvet weft knitted fabric. One side of the fabric is covered by a pile surface formed by upright fibers (Fiber) or yarn. The down is fine and soft, similar to the inner down of a swan, hence the name velvet. There are two types of silk weaving and silk-wool weaving. The pattern (huā wén) is divided into front carving (Luo Di velvet flower) and reversed carving (Luo Di Luo flower). Silky and breathable. There are cotton and chemical fiber points. The warp and weft of the golden velvet are made of raw silk without twisting. The plain weave is the ground, the suede is shiny rayon, and the warp is consolidated in a "W" shape and floats on the surface of the fabric with a certain floating length.


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The resulting velvet resembles ordinary warp-surface satin fabric. Cut the warp floats on the surface of the fabric with a cut pile knife, so that each pile warp is intermittently lying, and then undergo scouring, dyeing, brushing and other processingGolden velvet is a single-layer warp raised silk fabric interwoven with mulberry silk and viscose rayon. The suede is dense, long and slightly inclined, but not smooth. Generally used in women's clothing and drapes. The golden velvet fabric feels silky smooth and has toughness, and the clothes are indeed quite high-end. Although it will lose some hair, it is soft and skin-friendly after washing.


Golden velvet is shiny, it will reflect light in the sun. For the fabric, the gold velvet is more expensive and the velvet is slightly thicker. Polyester velvet velvet fabrics are all made of high-quality cotton yarns with high matching and above, mainly including plain color, printing, jacquard and striping, yarn-dyed and burnt-out series. Both need to be hand washed. Velvet and core-spun silk are thinner than velvet. The ones with D on the packaging are all velvet, because only velvet is divided into D, and core-spun silk is not divided into D before. The larger the number, the thicker. The core-spun silk feels very smooth and bright to the touch, but the elasticity is not good, and it does not have the breathability of velvet.


On the contrary, the velvet is not slippery to the touch, has no luster, is very elastic, and the breathable velvet is soft. The knitting is finer, and it looks softer, that is, it is comfortable to wear, and it is also generous. The disadvantage is that it loves to snag. Velvet knitted fabric The fabric of velvet knitted fabric feels soft, thick, firm and wear-resistant, with dense piles and soft color. Compared with core-spun yarn, it is a bit harder, but the advantage is that the knitting method is different and it is not easy to spin, but it is difficult to save the thread. Denim velvet fabrics are mainly used as outerwear fabrics, collars or hat materials. It can also be made by warp knitting, for example: warp-knitted looped pile fabric, denim velvet fabric, raw materials are 80 cotton/20 polyester, 65T/35C, 80 polyester/20 cotton, bamboo fiber cotton velvet and so on.

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