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What are the suitable fabrics for sofa covers


Sofa is embossing velvet fabric a kind of furniture tha […]

Sofa is embossing velvet fabric a kind of furniture that many family living rooms have. It is not only a decoration of the living room, but also has very important practical value. However, with the use of time, the surface of the sofa not only starts to wear out, but also becomes dirty. In order to prevent this from happening, it is most appropriate to put a sofa cover on the sofa in advance. So, which material is more suitable as a sofa cover?

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1. Chenille sofa cover material

The fabric of this material has a plump suede and a comfortable feel. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high, and the fabric is not easy to care and clean after being soiled.


2. Cotton sofa cover fabric

The advantage of this kind of fabric is that it feels very good, it is not easy to pilling, the price is relatively cheap, and the cost performance is high. The fabric of this material is also the most used and most versatile material.


3. Plant fiber sofa cover

The sofa cover of this material is natural, environmentally friendly and healthy in fabric, has a good sweat-absorbing and breathable effect, the price is not high, and the cost-effectiveness is more suitable, which is more suitable for summer use.


4. Material of plush sofa

Speaking of sofa covers that are most suitable for winter use, plush materials are the most suitable, and they are also deeply loved by consumers. You can choose colors that are similar to the home decoration style, and this material is cheap and cost-effective.


5. Linen sofa cover

The last thing I want to introduce is the linen sofa cover. This sofa cover is soft and healthy, and it is also a relatively environmentally friendly material. And compared with other materials, it has a natural and simple feeling, which is very suitable for modern and simple and Nordic home use.

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