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Is there any difference between Italian velvet and velvet


Dutch velvet, bai holland velvet  is a high-end velvet […]

Dutch velvet, bai holland velvet  is a high-end velvet du, the suede is very soft and skin-friendly. Dutch velvet zhi is also common in daily life. The suede is very soft and silky to the touch, which is much better than ordinary velvet. At the same time, it is relatively thick and delicate, it is very convenient to process, and it is relatively durable, and it will not shrink or shrink. Velvet is the name of silk fabric in which pile warps form pile loops or piles on the surface of the fabric. The fluff or loops of velvet stand tightly. It has the characteristics of gloss, wear resistance, and non-fading. It can be used for fabrics such as clothing and bedding.

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The Italian velvet fiber is held on the stranded core yarn. The suede is plump, has a velvet feel, is soft and comfortable, and has strong decorative properties, good air permeability, and can show style and taste. It is natural and simple. Waterproof and oil proof, non-toxic and cool, light fast, acid and alkali resistant. Holland fleece is a kind of high-grade suede, which is especially soft and silky to the touch, which can not be compared with general flannel. Thick, dense, delicate, drape, wear-resistant, no ball, no shrinkage. Velvet is matte. The raw material used is 22-30 cocoon Grade A raw silk, silk is also used as warp, and cotton yarn is the "ground" interwoven with weft.


The loop is raised with silk or rayon. Both warp and weft are degummed or semi-degummed, dyed, twisted and then woven. Italian velvet is bright, full of suede and velvet feel. Holland velvet belongs to reactive printing and dyeing, healthy printing and dyeing, bright in color and non-fading. The flannel fabric is special, with more fluff on the outside and a fixed direction of wool. It is a delicate variety in the fabric category, so daily care is very important. Clean the vacuum cleaner. The most commonly used and simplest cleaning method. It can be easily cleaned without disassembly or washing. It can also absorb a large amount of dust attached to the surface of the flannel curtain.


The flannel curtains can be cleaned every month, which is very convenient. The steam engine is clean. At present, there are many steam cleaners for wall coverings and curtain fabrics on the market. They are definitely a good helper for flannel cleaning. First use the normal vacuuming mode to suck away the dust, and then switch to the steam mode to clean it again, and the curtains will become spotless! Professional cleaning structure. If the curtain is stained with stains and the area is large, it is difficult to use the above two methods to clean. Then the curtains need to be cleaned as a whole.

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