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How to clean velvet and how to maintain it


Everyone must have discovered that italy velvet velvet […]

Everyone must have discovered that italy velvet velvet has returned strongly this year. Therefore, as you who are closely following the fashion trend, I believe you have already fallen into one. If you don't want the fashion in your hand to be just one-off, shouldn't you come to learn about the cleaning and maintenance of velvet fabrics? Inadvertently stacking velvet garments can easily damage the natural direction of the fluff and make it difficult to recover. When storing, try to use hangers to hang in a closed wardrobe to prevent unnecessary dust from accumulating between the fluff.


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Do not iron velvet garments directly with an iron unless there is a special ironing board for velvet. The fluff on the outside is difficult to stand up after being overwhelmed by heat, which damages the texture of the whole garment. It is recommended to use a steam iron, spray steam a few centimeters apart from the clothing, and gently flatten the clothing with your hands; if the folds are too deep, it is recommended to get a professional dry cleaner for disposal.


If the velvet is stained, first look at the label on the garment. Some of the velvet can be washed. For those that cannot be washed with water, moisten a clean towel with warm water, gently scrub the stained area up and down until no stain is visible, and then use a paper towel to absorb the moisture in the scrubbed area. Regarding stubbornness and large-scale stains, if you want to do all the cleaning, you still need to ask a dry cleaner for help.

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