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What are the characteristics of jacquard velvet


With the improvement of holland velvet production level […]

With the improvement of holland velvet production levels, some unprecedented fabrics have gradually appeared in the textile industry, and their appearance also represents the progress of our textile industry. Although jacquard velvet is not a newly developed fabric, its current use range is still relatively narrow. Let's take a look at its characteristics.

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From the name, you can understand its main purpose. This fabric is usually used as a terry cloth, which also reflects its water absorption and softness. The surface of the fabric is not as smooth as other fabrics. The short pile on the surface increases its contact area with moisture and other objects, and can quickly absorb moisture in a short time.


There are many colors used in the production of this jacquard velvet, which makes the color of the fabric variable, and it is common to be pure color fabric. If there is a pure color, there will be a color. The overall design of this fabric does not show a large area of ​​color blooming, and it usually appears in a small part as an embellishment.


When using colored fabrics, there is no need to worry about the color fading.The jacquard craft of jacquard velvet uses different colors and different types of yarns to woven into different patterns. This craft makes the original monotonous and monotonous fabric more gorgeous. The popularity of this fabric is already very extensive, but its application needs to be improved. Users in need are welcome to contact us and look forward to your visit.

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