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Do you know several common sofa fabrics


For furniture people, understanding printing fabric the […]

For furniture people, understanding printing fabric the fabric production process, how to match and choose the characteristics of the fabric, and how to maintain it will be the necessary knowledge for every furniture person! Flocking is the use of the physical characteristics of the attraction of opposite sexes to make the flocks negatively charged, and the fabrics that need flocking are placed under zero potential or grounded conditions, and the flocks are attracted by the plants at the different potentials and accelerate to fly up vertically. On the surface of the object that needs flocking, because the vegetal body is coated with an adhesive, the fluff is vertically stuck to the vegetative body. Advantages: strong three-dimensional effect, bright color, soft hand feeling, good color fastness, friction resistance, smooth and no gap.

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The characteristic of cut fleece is that the grey fabric is double-layered when weaving, and after weaving is completed, it is cut from the middle by cutting to produce middle fleece. Because the velvet obtained by cutting the sheet is used, the velvet itself is not very strong, so there is a special brushing procedure in the finishing to fix the suede. Advantages: uniform cut pile suede, good gloss, comfortable pile feel, wear resistance, and easy to clean. According to different processes, printed cloth can be divided into transfer printing, penetration printing, and reactive printing. Advantages: brilliant colors. No ball, no burrs and no deformation. Using warp and weft threads to intricately weave raised patterns on the fabric is called jacquard. Two-color or even multi-color jacquard fabric is woven with yarns of different colors.


Advantages: full hand feel, thick texture, firm and wear-resistant, good air permeability, comfortable to sit and not stuffy or damp The flower type has layers, the flower color is unique, and the unevenness has a three-dimensional effect. A cloth woven from cotton yarn. Advantages: good air permeability, soft hand feeling, simple appearance and natural beauty, soft luster, alkali resistance and heat resistance are particularly good. Cotton and linen is the composition of cotton and linen, also known as cotton and linen interwoven fabric, including ramie cotton and linen cotton. Advantages: good breathability and perspiration. Cotton and linen cloth can absorb sweat and micro-sweat on the human skin, so that body temperature can quickly return to normal, and it can really breathe and absorb sweat, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer.


Chemical fiber is a man-made high molecular polymer. Its advantages: strong and durable, easy to take care of, with anti-wrinkle and non-ironing properties. Add antibacterial agent to make it have antibacterial function; add mineral powder to make it have low radiation function or far infrared radiation function. Suede is a fabric made of animal suede leather. Now in the cloth market, suede has become a common name for all kinds of imitation leather. Including denim imitation leather velvet, warp imitation leather velvet (cloth bottom imitation leather velvet), weft imitation leather velvet satin imitation leather velvet), warp knit imitation leather velvet, double-sided imitation leather velvet, elastic imitation leather velvet, etc. Advantages: soft hair, waxy, good drape, light and thin texture.

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