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What kind of fabrics do fabric sofas have


Which kind of fabric sofa fabric is good? Pure upholste […]

Which kind of fabric sofa fabric is good? Pure upholstery fabric for furniture cotton sofa The fabric sofa made of pure cotton material is soft, breathable, natural and environmentally friendly. It is very close to the skin and is the most popular model in the market. The rustic style is most used in pure cotton sofas. Features: The price is cheap, the color is the most diverse, but the elasticity is poor, easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, and less wearable. There are linen, fluffy cotton, downy. The choice is based on the decoration style in the house. Need to pay attention to the material inside, some may be unqualified, please ask carefully. There are 5 types of cloth sofas: cotton sofa, velvet sofa, linen sofa, blended sofa and leather sofa. Most home sofas will choose pure cotton sofas, linen sofas and blended sofas. Flannel sofas and leather sofas are generally used in more formal reception areas.


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Fabric sofa fabrics, hemp fabrics are strong and durable, easy to clean; fleece fabrics must choose high-end fleece fabrics, so that it is not easy to fluff; fluffy cotton is PP cotton in our furniture industry, in fact, it is not easy to collapse. After using it for a long time, there will be no fluffiness and it will become a clump. In contrast, hemp fabrics are good, and are more suitable for the public. Which kind of fabric is good for the fabric sofa? There are several kinds of fabrics for the fabric sofa. It can be summarized by simple fabrics. Sofa fabrics include: cotton, polyester, hessian, nylon, polyester-cotton blended, high-density NC cloth, 3M waterproof mousse cloth, etc. Each of these fabric sofas has its own advantages and certainty. Fabric sofas are generally divided into: pure cotton sofas, velvet sofas, linen sofas, blended sofas and leather sofas. Most home sofas will choose pure cotton sofas, linen sofas and blended sofas.


Flannel sofas and leather sofas are generally used in more formal reception areas.  Pure cotton sofa: The fabric sofa with cotton cover is cheaper. The sofa cover has the most colors, but the elasticity is poor, it is easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, and the wear resistance is not very good.  Flannel sofa: Fabric sofas made of flannel are generally more fashionable, with a very good appearance, color texture and visual effect of flannel, dustproof and antifouling, but they are prone to static electricity. As we all know, linen is very wear-resistant, not easy to crease, does not fade, not ball, does not produce static electricity, is not easily affected by humidity, temperature and other factors, but the elasticity is very poor, relatively rough, made of linen Fabric sofas are usually more rustic. 


Blended sofas: Most fabric sofas on the market are blended sofas. The most common is the blending of cotton and chemical fiber materials, which can show the visual effect of either silk, flannel, or linen, but the patterns and colors are not natural enough. Pure, the price is relatively cheap. The advantage of cotton and linen fabrics compared with other fabrics is that the cost performance is very high. Cotton and linen fabrics have the advantages of cotton and linen. Cotton and linen blends have the advantages of environmental protection, breathability, comfort, good drape, and comfortable wearing. The disadvantage is that it is easily wrinkled and requires frequent ironing. However, the currently popular 70% cotton 30% hemp blended fabric has poor elasticity and wear resistance under dry and wet conditions.

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