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Is the velvet fabric pilling


Velvet embossing velvet fabric fabric bai will pilling. […]

Velvet embossing velvet fabric fabric bai will pilling. Because velvet du is a silk fabric that has pile loops or piles on the surface of the fabric.Velvet, also known as Zhangrong, is named because it originated in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China. Mass production in the Ming Dynasty is one of the traditional Chinese fabrics. There are two types of flowers and primes, such as the double-sided velvet Sihe Ruyi embroidered dragon tonic and the blue single-sided velvet women's clothing unearthed in Mingdingling.

flower printing on fabric velvet


   1. Try to reduce friction and pulling as much as possible, and change and wash frequently;
   2. After washing, drying and ironing, they should be stacked flat;
   3. Velvet is very hygroscopic, so it should be prevented from mildew caused by high temperature, high humidity and unclean environment in the collection;
   4. Apparel made of velvet fabric is suitable for washing, not for dry cleaning;
   5. The ironing temperature can be controlled at 120~140℃;
   6. At the time of ironing, it is required to iron at a medium temperature. Use less push and pull when ironing to make the garment stretch naturally.

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