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How to distinguish the quality of fabric sofa fabric


Hemp upholstery fabric for sofa fabrics are strong and […]

Hemp upholstery fabric for sofa fabrics are strong and durable, easy to clean, and fleece fabrics must choose high-end fleece fabrics, so that it is not easy to fluff. Fluffy cotton is PP cotton in our furniture industry, which is not easy to collapse. It will not be used for a long time. The fluffy feeling turned into a clump. In fact, fluffy cotton is much cheaper than sponge. But it is also a layer of sponge under the fluffy cotton sofa cushion. It is only a little lower in density. I am in furniture I work in a company. I know the density of sponges very well. Of course, I can't just listen to the sales of the sponges. I have worked for a long time, and I can basically get the density of the sponges with one touch. Used in the backrest position. But even the soft sponge must be elastic, otherwise it is a low density sponge. The sponge on the seat cushion should not only be considered as a high hardness sponge. Generally, a high hardness sponge is elastic Low, after a long time, the sponge will also collapse. To choose a flexible sponge, just press it for a while, he will naturally rebound. And it feels like it feels like it feels like it is not.

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Pure cotton sofa, velvet sofa, linen sofa, blended sofa and leather sofa. Most home sofas will choose cotton sofas, linen sofas and blended sofas, flannel sofas and leather sofas are generally used in more formal reception areas. 1. Pure cotton sofa: The fabric sofa with cotton cover is cheaper. The sofa cover has the most colors, but the elasticity is poor, it is easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, and the wear resistance is not very good. 2. Flannel sofa: Fabric sofas made of flannel are generally more fashionable, with a very good appearance, color texture and visual effect of flannel, dustproof and antifouling, but they are prone to static electricity.  Linen sofa: As we all know, linen is very wear-resistant, not easy to crease, does not fade, not ball, does not generate static electricity, is not easily affected by humidity, temperature and other factors, but the elasticity is very poor, relatively rough Fabric sofas are usually more rustic.


Blended sofas: Most fabric sofas on the market are blended sofas. The most common is the blending of cotton and chemical fiber materials, which can show the visual effect of either silk, flannel, or linen, but the patterns and colors are not natural enough. Pure, cheaper fabric sofa can choose different fabrics for coats, rich in colors and patterns, more choices.  Feel good. The fabric sofa feels soft and warm, and different fabrics have different feels. Replaceable. When the coat fades over time, you can buy new fabric instead. The change of coat can be regarded as the renovation of the sofa. You can also choose your favorite fabric, according to the different seasons, choose different colors of the coat, to show personality.


Because you bought it in the store, first of all, you must first choose your favorite flower pattern or feel better, and then you pinch the fabric and feel its thickness. If it is thick, it will be Relatively durable. Then take a closer look to see if there are any problems such as thread removal, hair removal, and fading, and ask the clerk if the fabric can be washed or dry cleaned. As long as these aspects are in place, the sofa you choose is basically no problem. But the sofa is still a whole in general. You can't decide the quality from the fabric alone. You must know whether the internal shelf is stable, whether the sponge's elasticity is good, etc. One way to judge how important the quality of a fabric sofa is is to look at the fabric. The quality of fabric sofa fabrics on the market varies, basically the quality of the fabric is equivalent to the quality of this fabric sofa. So, what kind of fabric is a good fabric? Next, we will tell you how to judge the quality of the fabric sofa fabric.

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