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What are the ways to print fabrics at home


I love to printing fabric create my own fabric designs […]

I love to printing fabric create my own fabric designs using my watercolors. I am so excited to see what they will look like on real fabric once I have completed the design. One way to see your designs on fabric, is to use a company that will print your designs for you. I use Spoonflower to upload my designs, then print a sample and have it shipped. I have been very happy with the fabric and customer service from Spoonflower. You have to wait 2 weeks to have your sample shipped  or pay more to expedite and it is costly per sample but you can get a designer discount and I have never been disappointed so far. This is a great option, but what if you just want to print something at home?

floral sofa fabric designs

There are three options for printing fabric right on your very own INKJET printer! This is great for scanned pictures, children's art, or clipart that you want to add to your sewing project so you don't need a special fabric design or professional art to make something cool. I decided for this example to use my nephew's art to make a zipper pencil pouch just to show you what you can do.If you go to a craft or sewing store you can buy printable fabric. They come in sheets that are sized for your inkjet printer  so be sure that what you are printing will fit on a standard paper size. In my opinion, this is the easiest option. I have never had a "fail" with this option and it prints beautifully, particularly on a white fabric where the colors really stand out.


There are also darker fabrics available, which you can print white designs on.I used this particular brand but there are many different options. They are all fairly comparable in price but just be sure to read all the small print since some are 'dry clean only',  dark fabrics or fusible for example. I have come home with the wrong kind more than once because they all look pretty similar. is an example of this on Amazon. Keep in mind this example has 25 sheets so it is more expensive. You can get these in as little as  sheets if you don't want to commit to that much.It is SO easy to use. Just follow the instructions on the package. For this brand, you print on the fabric side, so in my printer that would mean you put the fabric side facing up. Simply print your image, let the ink dry for a few minutes and peel off the paper backing. That's all there is to it.The image prints so nicely on the white fabric.  


This fabric sheet is great for small sewing projects, such as this this quilted pencil case. The second option is using a fabric adhesive to adhere the fabric to a piece of card stock, print, then remove the paper backing. This is similar in concept to using the printable paper sheets except you are applying the adhesive yourself instead of having it done for you. It is much more cost effective but a little more prep work.Spray adhesive can be purchased at craft and or fabric stores and also online as an example of the one I used. There were so many choices of different brands and I am not married to any of them but this was the one I just happened to pick up and it worked great. Again, be sure to read the fine print on these to know what you are really getting. The reason I chose this kind was it showed an example on the back of using this product to adhere fabric to paper temporarily which is exactly what I was looking for. Some are meant to be permanent so choose carefully.

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