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What is the fleece fabric is fleece polyester fiber


The fleece fabric can also polyester fleece fabric be c […]

The fleece fabric can also polyester fleece fabric be called sheep's cashmere. It was first produced in Taiwan in the early 1990s. This fabric is a knitted fabric, a small ingot knitted structure, and then undergoes a series of processing techniques to form a fleece fabric. The main raw material is usually polyester. Fleece fabric is the main cold-proof fabric in China in recent years, it is relatively warm, so it is very popular. There are different classifications of fleece, mainly divided into plain and printed, and these two classifications can also be subdivided, which is mainly caused by some differences in processing technology.


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Fleece can be used to make clothes, bedding, carpets, pillows, etc. This fabric is not only loved domestically, but also used to export to some developed countries. In fact, the so-called fleece is also polyester fiber, but the weaving process is different. If it is a home wear, you can choose fleece, which has a thermal insulation effect, and it is best in winter. If you just sleep and wear, there are many choices. Siwei siwear air conditioning fiber bidirectionally adjusts the temperature and skin care.


Among them, the ultra-fine quality is the best and the price is the highest. At the same time, there are cashmere with added spandex. Because the quality is difficult to master, the technology needs to be further improved. The fleece is the cheapest in Zhejiang, but the quality is difficult to say. The quality of fleece in Shanghai is okay, but the price is high; the price and quality of Suzhou are in between, in the middle. First, the factory sorts the recycled plastic bottles according to color and type, and then puts the plastic bottles into the machine and shreds them into pieces for cleaning and disinfection.


Through depolymerization and repolymerization to make reusable raw materials. The raw material sheet is melted at a high temperature, cooled into a polyester yarn through a spinneret, and deformed by a twister to make a finished yarn. After weaving, the finished silk is made into solid color grey cloth. After dyeing the grey cloth, after the processes of sanding and fleece, it is the finished cloth that we generally see. Finally, the fabric is cut, quality inspection and other links, it is our artifact fleece!

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