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What is the evolution process of velvet interior fabrics


The use of upholstery fabric for furniture dates back t […]

The use of upholstery fabric for furniture dates back to many centuries ago. The use of velvet as upholstery fabric is just as old as upholstering furniture itself. The reason why velvet is a popular choice of fabric for upholstery is clear: it adds a unique charm and luxurious detail to the room. But before it became a staple to your living room and furniture today, velvet fabric has undergone a whole lot of evolution and different uses over those years.The use of fabric for upholstery dates to as far back as the times of the ancient Egyptians.


Aside from that, the Greeks and Romans also used upholstery fabric. But during these times, upholstery fabric was used mostly in churches and were only associated with the wealthy families. The use of fabric was also prevalent on carpets and curtains, especially on palatial residences of kings and other monarchs.The use of upholstery fabric during ancient times continued until the 16th century. This trend continued on until the modern era and has greatly evolved to offer a wide range of fabrics available for use.Since their initial use during the ancient times, upholstery fabric has evolved greatly.


But one of the most reliable and classic options for fabric is velvet. The production of velvet began in the 12th century in Europe. The following centuries, this fabric grew in popularity in Italy and then in France by the 18th century.One of the reasons why velvet fabric appealed to homeowners and interior decorators was its luxurious charm. But aside from that aura of luxury, there is one more characteristic that has made velvet a frontrunner in the hospitality and interior décor industry: its comfort. Indeed, velvet feels comfortable on your skin because it has a soft and smooth finish. When used on upholstery, it provides comfort and warmth to the user.


It is no wonder why it is a favorite option in the hospitality industry, especially in luxurious hotels.Modern velvet sofas are one of the most sought after items for homeowners and interior decorators. This particular type of upholstery is not just luxurious but it can go well with any interior decorating theme. This style of upholstery also does not go out of trend – it is a classic that will endure for many years, as it has already endured centuries of history and evolution.While it was abandoned for some time, velvet sofas are making a resurgence in today’s home decorating industry. The contemporary velvet sofas are characterized by bold and bright colors, which add a beautiful aesthetic accent to your home interior. From the rich reds, blues, and emerald greens, these color options infuse a contemporary vibe to your home while the velvet texture brings that timeless detail.

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