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What fabric is velvet


The velvet fabrics are made of high-quality cotton yarn […]

The velvet fabrics are made of high-quality cotton yarns with high matching and above, mainly including plain, printing, jacquard and drawing strips, yarn-dyed and burnt-out series. The raw material ingredients are as well as bamboo fiber cotton velvet and so on. Generally, the height of the terry is too low, the shearing is not easy to cut, and the loss is large; the hair is too high, the loss of the shearing is large, and the loop is not easy to stand. Some companies require the twist of the loop and the ground yarn to be opposite.


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Improve weft slope. But it seems embossing velvet fabric that it is not too important, because the elasticity and structure of velvet, the decisive role is the ground yarn, and the ground yarn is polyester, it is easy to overcome the weft slope when setting. And generally The number of anti-packing machines is relatively small, and the suede feel and color are particularly beautiful. There are also a small amount of suede ingredients in the market for cotton  modal, cotton  bamboo fiber, cotton  tencel, cotton  soybean fiber and other high-end products.


Generally, the lighter colors are mostly single-dyed cotton, medium-dark-colored double-dyed cotton and polyester. There are also velvets of gray gray yarn. Or CVC cotton yarn double-dyed color cloud yarn effect, yarn-dyed velvet, etc. Velvet is added with a brightener during finishing To make the suede have a better luster, large loop color stripe velvet and jacquard velvet. The main factories can weave the fabric with the effect of the front and the back of the terry. The name is the velvet.


The jacquard velvet should be mechanical or computer jacquard The loop can be made of jacquard loops. It has a three-dimensional effect. The dense velvet loops are FDY polyester yarn and ground DTY polyester yarn. The gray fabric is cut in a wide range and dyed after a predetermined type. Some of them will be combed once more after dyeing. There is more loss. There are also dense velvet varieties with spandex; there are varieties of terry yarn treated with polyester steamed yarn, which is called steamed velvet. Varieties with no down velvet plus spandex. The pile is basically upright on the ground cloth, and the hand According to the suede, the suede recovers quickly. The diamond fleece is FDY shiny polyester yarn and floor silk DTY polyester yarn. The easiest one in almost all sheared fabrics.

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