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What are the types of sofa materials


When selecting upholstery fabric for sofa the best mate […]

When selecting upholstery fabric for sofa the best materials for your sofa, it is important to take into consideration each of the material's attributes and how they fit your personal requirements and lifestyle. In this guide to sofa materials, we'll discuss the types of sofa materials, fabric sofas vs. leather sofas, and the best sofa materials for pets. There are several different material options for your couch. Each different type holds its own unique characteristics, from stain and fade resistance to strength and style. A couch's fabric will affect how the couch wears over time.

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Researching and understanding the different options can help you in finding a piece of furniture worth your money!Natural fibers are exactly as they sound: materials naturally sourced from plants and animals. The most common natural fiber materials includeWhile linen is a very elegant type of material, it is best used only in low-traffic areas or adult-only areas due to wrinkling and staining. Wool is great at resisting staining, wrinkling, fading, and pilling. Wool can also be blended with a synthetic fiber to offer even more durability and easy spot cleaning. This is a very delicate and soft material. Due to its fragility, it's best placed in a formal area, and must be professionally cleaned if dirtied. Cotton is great for withstanding wear, fading, and pilling.


It is not, however, as resistant to soiling and wrinkling. If blended with other fibers, cotton can increase its durability and make for a great family-friendly fabric. This material is known as one of the most durable and sophisticated materials out there. It is a favorite for people with kids and pets, as it tends to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life while also being incredibly easy to clean. Synthetic fibers are man-made products meant to imitate natural fibers with an overall stain resistant quality. Synthetic fibers includePolyester is typically blended with other fibers in order to create an upholstery resistant to wrinkling, crushing, and fading.


Resistant to staining, this fiber is considered one of the strongest upholstery fabrics. When added to blends, it helps to prevent this fiber from fading, crushing, and pilling. Developed as an imitation wool, this synthetic fiber is great at resisting wear, wrinkling, soiling, and fading. Olefin is resistant to abrasions, stains, sunlight, and chemicals. This is a perfect material for furniture expected to receive heavy use. This is a great alternative to leather, offering a cheaper alternative with comparable toughness.As important as looks are when it comes to buying a new couch, you should first consider your current lifestyle and household to help you determine whether leather vs. fabric couches are right for your home.

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