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What are the types of interior decoration materials


Stone is mainly sofa fabric factory used for wall decor […]

Stone is mainly sofa fabric factory used for wall decoration materials: natural and artificial. Natural decorative stone is used for interior wall decoration of marble; artificial decorative panels mainly include artificial marble, prefabricated terrazzo, etc. The wall decorated with stone looks elegant and magnificent. The use of stone as a finish was more popular in the mid-1990s, but it is generally not widely used for home decoration now, mainly because of concerns about excessive radioactivity and environmental protection. Common glazed tiles include white, color, printed color, color puzzle and color mural. Glazed tiles have a smooth surface, beautiful colors, easy to clean, and waterproof.


green floral print fabric for curtain and sofa


They are used as wall tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as floor tiles in living rooms and dining rooms. As the decorative materials of the wall interior, there are mainly lime mortar, white mortar, toner mortar, Kosai silver mortar, etc. Compared with paint, this kind of material is cheap, but the decorative effect is not good, and it is not durable. Let the walls breathe: diatom mud not only has a natural and simple texture, but also has the effect of adjusting the humidity and purifying the air. The diatom mud wall material of Red Star Macalline Home Store is favored by consumers. According to the technical staff, the new generation of environmental protection wall material diatom mud is made of diatomite, which is composed of pure natural materials, does not contain any harmful substances to the human body, and its biggest feature is that it can absorb and decompose in the air Harmful gases can purify the air.


A wall coating called "liquid wallpaper" has recently appeared in the building materials market. It has both the pattern characteristics of wallpapers and the advantages of low cost and long life of wall coatings. Hundreds of patterns with different background colors and construction methods can change thousands of wall decoration effects. Wall stickers are made of PVC environmentally friendly materials. They are waterproof and moisture-proof. Unlike traditional hand-painted walls, wall stickers do not require themselves Hands-on painting, with various patterns, and already designed, just peel off the protective film and paste it directly.


You can customize different colors and sizes according to your home style. The kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, corner, living room, etc. all have special wall stickers. These wall stickers can also "guest" each other, the wall stickers will not fall off within five years. The interior wall decoration materials include various protective wall boards, wooden wall skirts or cover panels. The materials used are plywood, plastic boards, aluminum alloy boards, stainless steel boards and plastic-coated boards, galvanized boards, enamel boards, etc. Plywood is the main type of interior wall decorative panels, which can be divided into plywood, plywood, etc. according to the number of layers, and can be divided into ash, beech, nanmu, teak and so on. Interior wall veneer panels are now becoming popular and natural.

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