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How to clean the cloth sofa Cloth sofa clean small trick


How to clean the sofa? Cloth sofa cleaning small coup, […]

How to clean the sofa? Cloth sofa cleaning small coup, sofa material is various, but the most popular in the family is still the fabric sofa, its style looks good, but once it is dirty, it is very troublesome, today Xiaobian teaches you some clean fabric sofa The coup.
1: Regular vacuuming
Due to the material of the fabric sofa, it is easy to be contaminated with dust at ordinary times, so it is necessary to vacuum it regularly. You can usually use a dry towel to beat the sofa. Be careful not to use the suction brush when vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner to avoid tearing the fabric.
2: Use special detergent
To avoid damaging the material when cleaning the fabric sofa, it is best to clean it with a professional fabric cleaner until the stain is removed. However, avoid using a lot of water to scrub, so as not to cause the sofa to be deformed by moisture.
3: Wash with a sponge
Since the sponge has a strong water absorption function, it is very effective to use a sponge to clean the fabric sofa. The cleaning agent is placed on the sponge and then gently wiped on the surface of the sofa to quickly remove the dirt.
4: Using alcohol
In addition to the above methods, you can also use alcohol to remove the dirt on the surface of the fabric sofa, like the fruit stains and tea stains on the sofa, and remove it with a gentle rub of alcohol.


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