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How embossed velvet fabric is produced


Embossed velvet embossing velvet fabric is striking and […]

Embossed velvet embossing velvet fabric is striking and beautiful. Images are sunk into the pile of the velvet so that you get a textural as well as visual effect. The images often also take on an iridescent quality. Embossing velvet is easier than one might think.The embossed images are created using heat, producing sunken and iridescent images that can appear shadowy or very reflective depending upon the angle and the folds and fall of the fabric  that is why it can be so tricky to photograph them.


flower printing on fabric velvet


Parts of an image may appear "shadowed" while other parts shimmer.The images are resilient. I have embossed acetate rayon velvet scarves that I have worn all winter long for several years. They get wet from snow, sleet and rain; get scrunched up, rolled up, sat upon, and the images are still there, even if they are not as crisp as they used to be. I am not recommending this type of treatment, but mention it to give an idea of how the images can last.It appears that impressing images into velvet using heat may have been around since at least the 16th century.


Metal was heated and pressed to the velvet. In the  of Hot Potatoes stamps popularized the use of rubber stamps for the process. For use at home, rubber stamps are obviously easier and safer to use than hot metal. Care of the resulting velvet Dry clean only. As with most velvets, the fabric may develop shiny spots if spot-treated or excessively rubbed.


Washing soaking the velvet could result in an uneven look to the velvet shiny and dark areas and could loosen the pressed fibers of the images, causing them to appear ghostly and blurry.Uses for Embossed Velvet: Embossed velvet can be used for clothing and accessories jackets, bags npurses, scarves, shawls, robes, shirts, dresses, skirts, hats, earmuffs, mittens, cowls, slippers as well as items for the home and gifts throws, curtains, pillows, sachets, runners, wall hangings, upholstery, boxes, ornaments, jewelry and gift bags, journal covers.

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